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…and finally the Philippines!" (2017) 

We’ve been wanting to visit the Philippines since a long time ago. It is a niche-destination, at least for us Italians, and in the end we were able to organize this fantastic trip. We already had the ideas about what we wanted to visit but Samuele and Candice were able to plan and organize it the best way possible, being always available and attentive to our small and big needs.


We had a 2-weeks trip, which allowed us to see a tiny part of this wonderful country.

We started with Manila, visiting the city for a whole day. Then, we moved to Palawan-El Nido where we had many day tours with a private boat, visiting beaches and hidden lagoons, such beautiful places to take your breath away!


Puerto Princesa with the Underground River was very interesting where you’ll need a 2-hour transfer full of turns and slopes to reach it.


And lastly…Boracay, a very different place compared to El Nido. The White Beach is very busy and lively but also spectacular, with an amazing sunset on the sea, plus there are other less busy yet also very beautiful beaches within the island.


So, our holidays ended but our hearts are still full of the lovely images of all we just left.


Sincerely Yours,

Claudia Oreste Stefania e Claudio

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