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“A truly special experience" (2018) 

Me and my partner went to visit the Philippines for 2 weeks, during the month of November 2017. It was a very special experience.


Samuele and Candice organized everything in a very precise way.


Hidden Beach, El Nido, Palawan

We stayed 2 days in Manila, then we started discovering the island provinces of Palawan, Bohol and Siquijor. Palawan and Siquijor have very beautiful sea for tours, snorkeling and diving sites.


Also, the Underground River in Palawan is worth a visit: here nature created a wonderful landscape tucked within rocks.


Bohol has a very green landscape where you can see the Chocolate Hills and the famous Tarsiers.


We have to say that we left our heart in Siquijor, not only for the welcoming place but mostly for the wonderful snorkeling we could do easily every morning.


Our tour was organized very well, with all hotels and transfers included. We did not expect that the Philippines had such an incredible charm, not much historically but more for their landscape.

Unfortunately there is​ also a lot of poverty. But, soaking into their culture and eating with the fishermen give you strong emotions, because of the kindness and genuinety of the Filipino people, that never forget to give you the gift of a smile.


​Special thanks to Candice and Samuele for managing and executing this wonderful trip. Go on this way!!!

Daniele and Nicoletta

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