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"Unique, unexpected and marvelous experience" (2019)

Hello everyone, we are a couple and we both are almost 80 years old. We love the sea and places that are exotic.

We were lucky to avail of the services of Tropical Experience for a vacation in the Philippines. It was a unique, unexpected and marvelous experience. Let's start with the tour operator first: I'd say almost perfect! We were assisted before and during the trip, never left alone! We planned the trip together and they perfectly understood our needs, our preferences and they were able to organize a perfect vacation, fully reflecting our requests! We had day tours alternated with days of relaxation on tropical beaches decorated by palms, everything as we requested.

Filippine aereo.jpg
Cibo Filippine

And then, the Philippines! Really a great discovery! The day tours in El Nido were really a dream! Also the local operators were very cooperative!

Also all the other islands we visited made a necklace of very beautiful places!

We don't want to annoy you writing further, but we can say it was a wonderful trip from all the points of view.

We assure you that our review is not rigged but it's real and pure reality

We are Carlo and Nives from Rome, Italy".

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