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“A Charming Country" (2016)

Hi, I’m Virginia, I just got married with Luca and I spent my honeymoon in the Philippines.

One of the very first things we decided about our wedding was the honeymoon. We chose the Philippines without thinking too much: after several years following Tropical Experience on Facebook and after seeing one of their photo exhibits, we were sure we didn’t want to go anywhere else.

Villa Escudero

 Our tour took us to Bohol and Boracay, also spending few days in Manila. Surely the Philippines is a charming country: right when you arrive you are overwhelmed by unknown scents, colours and sounds, very exotic ones…tropical ones!

photo exhibits, we were sure we didn’t want to go anywhere else.


Puka Beach

In Bohol, we were stunned by the kindness of the locals, by the beautiful sea where we encountered dolphins and by the extraordinary landscape of the Chocolate Hills. We were guided to the tarsier and butterfy sanctuaries, having an amazing contact with the tropical nature. An experience I warmly suggest is the firefly watching tour using a kayak: at sunset, on a tranquil river, skilled guides will take you to the mangroves that host families of fireflies, while whispering stories to your ears.


On Boracay island, we enjoyed an awesome local bamboo bungalow and savoured relaxation on extraordinary beaches, eating fresh fish catches and sweet tropical juices.


If you think all these could be tiring for you, don’t forget that in the Philippines you can find real artists of the massage!

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