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TOUR F - Volcanic Snorkeling in the Philippines


Our tours could be organized in two different ways:

A- Self-guided version, with English assistance

We'll organize your trip, then you and your companions will travel by yourself, supported (in English language) by experienced local operators in each destination. Before the start of the tour, you will received a Travel Handbook with your itinerary in full detail along with travel documents and tickets, passes and vouchers, so you'll be able to travel around the Philippines in a smooth and organized way. This solution is advised for those that have some travel experience and can communicate using the English language (a bit, at least!). Of course, it's also a good solution for those who want privacy or choose a rather simpler / not too complex tour.

B- Fully guided version, with an English-speaking tour leader

Alternatively you could choose to have a private tour escort appointed by Tropical Experience, who will coordinate all your activities and transfer, to offer the most comfortable way to travel around. We offer privacy and a professional approach. This option is ideal for bigger groups, people who are not comfortable speaking in English and/or have too little or zero travel experience. It can also be an advised solution for certain destinations that may have complicated logistics. Surely, it is also a service that fits those who need prime-level guide services.


Other "combinations" or different options can be discussed by E-mail.


General Description

This exciting tour happens in the center of the Philippines, where it will let you discover many different places in some of the most beautiful provinces of the country. The trip fits those travellers that search for picturesque landscapes and want to enjoy some of the most beautiful and exceptional snorkeling spots in the Philippines, they’re some of the best in the world! This tour will be an authentic and genuine experience in contact with the nature of the Philippines. Plus, it will also give you the chance of discovering the peculiarities of the local tranquil countryside life, where life is strictly connected to agriculture and fishery.

Why volcanic? In this tour the sea prevails yet the beauty of the sea is due also to the volcanic history of these places. It might happen to feel a particularly warm sand under your feet in the water. To see some bubbles mysteriously emerge while snorkeling. For sure you will also notice the blackness of the rocks of certain beautiful destinations. The Philippines are located at the border of the “ring of fire” that surrounds the Pacific Ocean, a fact that clearly decorated its landscape.

You will start your trip diving into the nature of the small Camiguin Island, in the center-south of the country. Camiguin is as small as rich of special features: we have 7 volcanoes versus only 5 towns. Here, in a unique atmosphere, you will discover a wonderful sea and islets made of only pure white sand, like White island – a long sandbar that submerges end emerges depending on tides – and Mantigue Island, surrounded by a charming sea so rich of life. You won’t miss also other very special snorkeling spots: the odd-yet-beautiful sunken cemetery of the island is one of the best snorkeling spots in the Philippines, as well as the Giant Clam Sanctuary.

Not just the sea: you will be able to view Camiguin from the top, trekking on the Hibok-Hibok volcano. Here, you will enjoy an exceptional landscape surrounded by a lush tropical nature. After a challenging physical activity, you’ll then have all the time for some deserved relaxation at the outdoor volcanic thermae.

From Camiguin, you will then transfer to Cebu Province, which gets its name from the homonymous City, the 2nd metropolitan center of the country. The urban environment will be quickly abandoned, to go towards the countryside where life is tranquil and nature dominates. Here you will have the unique snorkeling opportunity of swimming with the whale sharks. The “gentle giants of the sea” reach a small patch of a local shore, where they interact with local fishermen early in the morning, surrounded by transparent waters.

You will also have time to enjoy some of the local sea with some beach & relaxation moments. You will also complete your discoveries of Cebu reaching Moalboal and Pescador Island, new beautiful places for the lovers of snorkeling. Nearby you will also have the chance of discovering the refreshing scenario of Kawasan Falls.

Next destination is Siquijor, a coral and volcanic originated island surrounded by shores and beaches, where you will keep discovering the local sea. Since a long time ago, Siquijor had the fame of place of magic, which in the past rejected and equally now attracts visitors. Some of these traditions are still visible and several travellers go to Siquijor searching for local healers or to admire the “enchanted” giant Balete tree. Today the island, thus still a niche, is earning fame for its natural features like ideal-to-snorkel beaches, spread presence of butterflies and fireflies, waterfalls and caves. People who visited the island highly emphasized the kindness of its inhabitants, something that shouldn’t be underestimated for a pleasant stay. You will also be able to visit Apo Island, a small island famous for the wide population of sea turtles, that you can easily spot from its beaches (doing snorkeling and sometimes even just strolling by the shore. This island of volcanic origins, declared a marine sanctuary, is considered as one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world: it indeed has a very rich habitat made of 650 fish species and 400 types of coral.

It will then be time to go back to Manila, where you will end a trip with unforgettable memories and a sense of charm and enchantment towards the Philippines.

What Kind of Tour

This multi-colored tour is ideal for those who want to experience the natural beauties of the Philippines genuinely and authentically, also visiting non-mainstream destinations. The tour is always side-by-side with the beautiful local sea and will allow you to find the best snorkeling spots in the Philippines.

It’s an active tour yet also scattered with relaxing moments feasible for everyone.



The transfer from Manila to Camiguin will be arranged through a domestic flight (a stop-over in Cebu could be needed, depending on dates and availability). Another domestic flight will take you from Camiguin to Cebu. A third and last domestic flight is needed to transfer from Dumaguete to Manila. Transfers between Oslob, Dumaguete and Siquijor will be organized with ferry lines.

For land tours and transfers you will use, depending on the route, cars or multicabs or tricycles with driver. For sea tours and transfers, you will use small boats.


Apart from the freshly-prepared meals and barbecue picnics or packed lunch during day tours, you can discover the specialties of the tasty local cuisine, alternating classic restaurant and home-made style food. The local cuisine is quite varied comprising fish and other seafood, meat (especially pork and chicken), choice of vegetables, rice and plenty of tasty and fresh tropical fruits and juices. The Filipino plate is tasty but not spicy, an interesting flavorful mix of Spanish, Malay, Chinese and American cuisine with local ingredients - quite complicated as it sounds yet it fairly matches with the Western taste. Some meals are included in the price (see specification for "included" or "not included") while some are not especially in places where it’s easy and more comfortable to freely choose by yourselves among many available options.

Travel Program

Day 1 - Arrival, Time to Rest

  • Arrival in Manila Airport*. Transfer to the hotel with shuttle services. Time to rest.

  • No activities and meals included for this day.

*note: the tour can be organized well also with arrivals in Cebu international airport.


Day 2 – To Camiguin, the "Volcanic" Hidden Gem of the Philippines

  • Transfer from the hotel to Manila Airport. Flight to Camiguin.

  • Arrival in Camiguin and transfer to the hotel.

  • Lunch not included, during transfers or upon arrival depending on the schedule.

  • Transfer to local outdoor natural thermae, time for relaxation.

  • Back to the hotel and have 1-hour massage/person.

  • Free night and dinner (not included).


Day 3 – Mantigue Island & White Island: Wonderful White-Sand Islands

  • In the morning, transfer to the beautiful Mantigue Island, where you will spend your day relaxing, swimming and snorkeling in one of the best spots of the region. Lunch not included (available and purchasable on the spot).

  • In the afternoon, it will be time to move to the spectacular sandbar of the White Island, a paradise for your eyes where you will stroll waiting for the sunset.


Day 4  – Another Side of the Island: Trekking on Hibok-Hibok Volcano

  • This day is dedicate to the hike and trek on the picturesque Hibok-Hibok volcano, experiencing a unique tropical scenario, admiring the island from the top.

  • Transfers with tricycles or rented motorbikes might be needed in order to reach the trekking jump-off point. Included packed lunch.

  • The trekking can be organized on different levels of effort and duration. You can coordinate directly with the local guide depending on your energies and trekking experience.

  • Back to the hotel in the afternoon. Time to relax and have dinner (not included).


Day 5 – A Snorkeling Day, Around Sanctuaries and Cemeteries

  • In the morning, visit of the spectacular Katibawasan Falls, ready to be admired in a green tropical frame.

  • Follows transfer to the Giant Clam Sanctuary, where you will have a special snorkeling observing these colorful and fascinating marine creatures.

  • Time to go to another surprising snorkeling site: the Sunken Cemetery. In an original spot made of a volcano covered by lava and then by sea waters, where you will admire beautiful corals and tropical fishes.

  • Lunch (not included) during the transfers.

  • Back to the hotel in late afternoon/evening. Autonomous dinner (not included).

Day 6 – To Oslob (Southern Cebu Province)

  • Early morning transfer to Camiguin Airport. Flight Camiguin-Cebu.

  • Arrival in Cebu and transfer to Oslob with private car/van with driver.

  • On the way, stop at the starting point of the walking path to reach Kawasan Falls (30-40 minutes walk to reach the falls). At the falls you can swim and get the near the falls using a raft (not included). You can also have your lunch (not included) at the small restaurants in the area.

  • Walk back to the car/van, then transfer to Oslob.

  • Check-in a hotel. Free time. Dinner not included.


Day 7  – The Wonderful Experience with Whale Sharks and the Cebu Sea

  • Early in the morning, departure from the hotel to reach the area where whale sharks go near the coastline. After receiving the proper instructions from the local personnel, you will be able to have a great time snorkeling with these wonderful sea animals.

  • Transfer to private resort (Sumilon Island) where you will be able to snorkel, relax, do kayaking and stroll.  Lunch included.

  • Back to the hotel. Free night and dinner (not included).

Day 8  – Around Exciting Seabeds: Moalboal & Pescador Island

  • Day tour dedicated to the visit of Moalboal and its famous Pescador Island, within Cebu Province. With a boat trip you will explore some of the most beautiful sea beds of the Philippines. It is not rare to encounter sea turtles, shoals of sardines, dolphins and other interesting example of marine life. Lunch not included, it can be purchased in the area.

  • In the afternoon, back to the hotel and free time. Dinner not included.

Day 9  –  The "Magic" Island of Siquijor, Packed with White Sand and Coral Reefs

  • Transfer to local port in the morning. Ferry transfer to Siquijor.

  • Lunch not included during the transfers or upon arrival in Siquijor.

  • Arrival in Siquijor, transfer to the hotel. Free time or do for activities by yourself.

  • Dinner not included.


Day 10 – Visit Around Siquijor: Healers, Enchanted Trees, Falls...and Beach!

  • Late in the morning, departure for a day tour to discover the island of Siquijor. You will discover the main attractions like the giant Balete tree and Cambugahay Falls. You will also have the chance to interact with the famous local “healers”. Packed lunch included for a picnic by the waterfalls.

  • Back to the hotel in the afternoon. Free time to relax and have autonomous activities.

  • Dinner not included.


Day 11 – Apo Island: Volcanic Island, aarine Reserve and Turtle Cove

  • Day tour for the discovery of the small volcanic Apo Island no far away from Siquijor, with time for snorkeling (with sea turtles and a lot more) and to relax. Lunch included. For this tour you will be sharing the transfer with other travellers.

  • In the afternoon, back to Siquijor.

  • Free afternoon and evening. Dinner not included.


Day 12 – Free day in Siquijor

  • Free day to enjoy the sea and the beach. Time for autonomous activities (i.e. snorkeling).

  • No meals and activities included for this day.

Day 13 – Back to Manila

  • Transfer to Siquijor port. Then transfer to Dumaguete with a ferry.

  • Arrival in Dumaguete and transfer to the airport. Flight Dumaguete-Manila.

  • Arrival in Manila and transfer to the hotel with shuttle services.

  • Free time for autonomous activities*.

  • No meals or activities included.

*an optional small tour of Manila can be included.


Day 14 – Bye bye

  • Transfer to Manila Airport and end of the trip.

  • No meals or activities included for this day.



For a free quotation, write an e-mail to or through the Contact form below.


Available hotel options

Generally,  we propose the following hotel levels (consider that available levels may also change depending on the chosen destinations)

  • Basic Level: overnight in small guesthouse-type budget hotels, with no frills but providing the basic comforts and services (private room, private toilet and bath, hot/cold shower, air-conditioning , cleaning service, breakfast, Wi-Fi at least in common areas)

  • Comfort Level: pleasantly - selected medium-level establishments with good level of services and typical/local atmosphere and personality. Generally preferring good hotels of medium-small size.

  • Superior Level: medium-high budget hotels with great level of services, for travelers who want to be sure to have all the modern comforts and convenience but not necessarily luxurious.

Options to Modify or Extend this Trip

This trip starts from a base of 13 days, but it can easily be extended with some more few days, staying longer in each destination or exploring another province of the Visayas region, like Bohol. In Bohol you could explore new extraordinary seas, see the famous Chocolate Hills and encounter the very tiny Tarsier.

In the same way, if you have less days available, we can prepare a shorter trip customized for you.

For those that have even more time, the trip can reach up to 3 weeks of duration: why not discover the paradisiac landscapes of Palawan? 

Terms and Conditions

Before booking this tour, please read and understand the page Terms and Conditions on our website. The itinerary presented above should be considered as broad and just for a general idea. It may vary due to weather, obstacles, booking availability or other variables beyond our control. Furthermore, if one of the guests has allergies or other issues linked to food, please let us know in advance. Inform us, too, if there’s any physical issues or a particular health status that we should be made aware of.

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