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PROJECT 2023: 1 Traveller = 1 Donation to a Student

Supporting Young Focus Foundation in Tondo (Manila), to help economically disadvantaged college students to make their dream true and to positively improve their life and their community.

Starting 2023, we re-launched once again our fundraising project to support Young Focus Foundation, a project started back in 2017 (click here to view the past projects).

"1 Traveller = 1 Donation" Project. how does it work?

We decided to permanently restart our initiative 1 Traveller = 1 Donation.

How does it work? It's simple: for each traveller that books a trip with Tropical Experience, 5€ will be put by us in a special fund for the students of Young Focus (if you are a couple, the donated amount will be 10€, if you are a family of 4 people the donation will be 20€ and so on).

Who funds the campaign?

We are the ones finduning the campaign. No additional payments will be required to our clients: it's our own initiative and it's our taks to donate - from our pocket - everytime someone finalizes the booking and purchase one of our tours.

Can other people participate even if they are not clients of Tropical Experience?

Absolutely yes! A good number of people wanted to do their part during the past years and indeed the campaign was born as a classic fundraising. You can contact us if you want to make a private donation. If you prefer, you can donate straight to Young Focus Foundation through other channels. Write us at for info.

How much money will you collect? How much of it will reach the students?

So far, to fund a scholarship for a college student we need 400 euro. Once this amount is collected, within few weeks we'll pay this amount to Young Focus (transaction expenses are covered by us). The students do not receive the money directly: school enrolment, payment of other services and corollary expenses are managed by the Foundation, that select the students and provide them with equipment, tutors, laboratories and other activities. The students - aside from attending their classes - must participate to the additional and monitoring activities of Young Focus. For other info, you can visit​


We've collected

800 €

We collected enough funds to provide 2 scholarships!


Back in 2017 and 2018, we organised two fundraising campaigns to support the Young Focus Foundation, which operates in the "Smokey Mountain" area of Tondo (Manila). This is one of the most marginalized areas of the Philippine capital as well as the country.
We discovered Young Focus a few years ago and were impressed with their work. In fact, this Foundation is responsible for providing all-around assistance to children and young people to enable their access to education. In most circumstances, having access to quality education can really mean being able to change your life!

In 2019 we decided to change the formula and no longer ask others to donate, yet we started pledging a small amount of money for each booking received. In this way, Tropical Experience became the main donor itself, while still keeping the door open to those that wanted to contribute personally.

Despite the forced stop of international tourism in 2020 and 2021, we decided to keep this project alive, relying on the donations of our customers, followers and friends. And by contributing ourselves too. Thanks to the resumption of international tourism in the Philippines on February 2022, we were also able to restore our project 1 Traveller = 1 Donation, becaming the main donor of the project again.

Again in 2023 we have chosen to carry out and renew these projects in spite of everything because we are convinced that education can be the key factor to bring real change to the lives of these young people, their families and their communities. Thinking big, for every new student completing her/his studies, the Philippines will become a better place too.
Education can make young people independent, open new scenarios and possibilities and above all give the possibility of finding a stable and remunerative job that can open the door for a different life

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