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Travelling to the Philippines with Kids and Family

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Travelling can be so much enjoyable when you go with people who are dear to you – your family. It would be such a wonderful thing to see and experience what beauty the Philippines beholds creating memories of a lifetime with them, isn’t it?


Going around the Philippines with your teens or kids is very much possible (and fun!). There are activities and attractions that are for every age to appreciate. You can do snorkeling with sea turtles and whale sharks and see dolphins right from your boat. You can meet ancient cultures up on the mountains of Ifugao region. You can be enchanted by a tarsier in Bohol or see something special like Chocolate Hills. Or you can settle in a resort where spend your days in peace.


This can be a good chance for your family to have unique learning experiences and discoveries while on holidays as the Philippines is packed with nature, culture and adventure. It is indeed a very good opportunity to learn things way beyond the classroom setting. The children can learn first hand about travelling sustainably, different cultures and caring for the environment. We have created a handbook on how kids can take part in responsible tourism with two characters called Patty Pawikan and Lito Dugong teaching them how. Download it for free from our "Sustainaibility" Section.


There are family room cottages with necessary facilities and services if you all want to stay together. Chartered vehicles, boats and services are also available if it may serve convenient to your family. Just let us know if there’s be anything you would request to make your family’s holidays comfortable and memorable, and we will do our best to address your requests.


Read about children and Philippine Ecotourism in this feature post we wrote for the blog Ecotourism in the Philippines.

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