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Blog - Italians are Curious to Discover the Philippines

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As some of you might know,  last September 14 until last October 20, we showcased a photo exhibit about the Philippines around Italy (“Tutti i colori delle Filippine” – All The Colours Of The Philippines”). Presenting such a beautiful and colourful country through photographs, to a lot of people who didn’t know much about the Philippines yet, was a very beautiful experience: some were enthusiastic about the Palawan province and its wild islands, while someone else was thrilled about the challenge of trekking around Banaue Rice Terraces, and some others were excited to have fun and party on Boracay’s White Beach. Some other people are curious about Bohol and take a close look at the Tarsier, or is attracted by Camiguin’s white beaches and volcanoes, the rusty province of Davao, the history of Cebu and chaos of Quiapo Market in Manila.


Our exhibit in Fano (Pesaro), Marche Region.

We went to small and big places around Italy: some exhibit dates were visited by many people while some others were graced by  smaller and private groups, but in any case they were always full of interest!


At Spazio A, Sesto San Giovanni (Milan).


At Angolo via Roma, in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), Piemonte Region.


In San Cesario di Lecce (Lecce), Puglia Region. Guests of local Associations “L’alambicco” and “Tempo di Scatto”.

Taken by our own non-pro, point-and-shoot cameras during our travels,  the photographs of the Philippines were very much liked and yes, it really seemed that Italians loved the idea to travel and experience the country for themselves. This fact is just a pleasure for us.

According to our observations and feedback gathered during the series of photo exhibits, let’s see why  Italians would like to choose the Philippines for their next trips, in 10 points (in no particular order):

1. Philippine beaches


Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Italy has beautiful seas, especially in the South and island regions like Sicily and Sardinia. But, big white beaches, palm trees and coconuts, transparent waters and views on the ocean really make the ideal picture for a tropical holiday.

2. Food


Delicious Pork Adobo. Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

It’s true, Italians are a bit choosy when it comes to food, but for sure they are able to recognize good food. We had the chance to offer “aperitivo” (happy hour with food) with several Filipino dishes and everybody liked them. The favorite was a classic: adobo, the national Filipino dish. They are curious to taste more of our flavourful cuisine!

3. Nature


Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Living in a place like Italy where cultural heritage is spread everywhere, sometimes you will just like to escape for a while to one of the many inhabited islands of the Philippine archipelago.

4. Original Filipino Culture


A parade in Banaue. Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Speaking about culture, Italians seem to be very interested into ethnic and ancestral Filipino culture, pre-colonial traditions and agricultural practices like the ones of the Banaue Rice Terraces.

5. Willingness to discover a very different style of life


Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Asia is still a mysterious continent that inspires European travellers. Philippines seem to be another curious place to explore.

6. Festivals


Pahiyas Festival: Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Colours of festivals like Pahiyas and Sinulog, presented in our photo exhibit, caught the attention of many who would like to personally experience the happy and colorful atmosphere of Filipino festivals.

7. Warm weather all over the year


Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

In Italy, the temperature of autumn and winter are not exactly the most pleasant (unless you like cold and chilly weather). The period starting  October and lasting until April are the cold months in Italy, which are incidentally the best time to visit the Philippines. Anyway the temperature in the tropical Philippines is quite high all over the year.


A tarsier. Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Tarsiers, whale sharks, dugongs, hornbills, bearcats. All strange animals no one has ever seen: meeting with these extraordinary creatures is really something to do at least once in your life .

 9. People


Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Nowadays, the Filipino community in Italy is big and everywhere and is  actually appreciated for their kindness and compassion: these just enhances the attractiveness of the Philippines even more!

10. The Kubo


An Ifugao house and a rice-pounding tool . Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.

Among all the accommodations available in the Philippines, the kubo seems to be the favorite. Maybe the reason is the search of contact with nature, combined with the willingness to try something different and discover Filipino authentic culture by doing how they do!

It was a real pleasure introducing this beautiful country in those gigs! We would love to do more of these photo exhibits (and maybe add some new surprises!)  to more places for our next trips to Italy.

These and a lot more other reasons are enticing the Italians to go travel across the globe to experience the beauty and colours of the Philippines for themselves!

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In Laterza (Taranto), Puglia Region. Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.


At Diavolo Rosso in Asti, Piemonte Region. Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.


In Cinisello Balsamo (Milan). Photo: Tropical Experience Travel Services.


At Fiera della Sostenibilità (“Sustainability Fair”) in Dalmine (Bergamo), Lombardia Region.

(written on November 2014)

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