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No editing. Only a cellphone needed. (Photo: Tropical Experience)

Now you know why everyone wants to go to Palawan, the very long island of the Western Philippines, nested between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Starting from the South, the first famous destination is Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan province. The most famous attraction here is the Underground River Park, a magical place considered one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature (see video below).

In Puerto Princesa you can also find excellent seas like  of Honda Bay’s,  which you could explore by island hopping around special little islets like Cowrie Island, Luli Island and Starfish Island.


Recently, it probably is the most famous destination of the Province, and there are plenty of reasons why. El Nido is a peculiar tropical paradise. The nest of the swifts that populate the tops of the enormous sea rocks of the bay enjoy  a great view, but your view will be as great as theirs just staying on the boat or climbing a bit on the rocks.

You will be fully charmed by the splendid waters of Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon. Let the Secret Beach surprise you after reaching it passing through a small hole in a rock. Stroll on the sandbar of Snake Island, that connects two islands with its white sand bar surrounded by a beautiful tropical sea.


Our description stops here, but there is much, much more: in El Nido you can spend many days of both adventure and pure relaxation yet never get bored. Check the video below, just to have an idea.


Going further to the northern tip of the province, you’ll find more pieces of paradise fallen on Earth. It’s like that: surprises never end in Palawan and it’s worth to go to the Philippines even just to visit it. In Coron, you’ll find two separate activities. The first is the discovery of the big rocky islands, where you’ll find the majestic Twin Lagoons and the  sacred Kayangan Lake. In the meantime, you’ll find dream-like small beaches and great points for snorkeling and diving, thanks to  rich coral reefs and the presence of wrecks of World War 2.

The other activity in Coron captures the same level yet a different kind of beauty: discovering hidden beaches. Banana Island, Malcapuya Island and Bulog Island are just fantastic and must be part of your schedule. (Or even  one of your life goals!)  They are such beautiful places that, even if your camera gets broken during the tour, like what happened to us, you will still be able to make very impressive videos and photos with a (not so advanced) cellphone. Check our camera phone’s output here. Fortunately, we were able to go back with a Go Pro, see video below!

Did we already say that in Coron you can also experience an  incredible outdoor hot thermae of volcanic origins, where you can rest after a day full of discoveries? No? Now you know.


A beach in Bacuit Bay, El Nido. Relax! (Photo: Tropical Experience).


You can have several different experiences in Palawan, weather you are sporty or if you love to just chill. It has to be said that it’s not the classic beach-and-sunbeds destination. The best of the sea will be enjoyed if you’ll have day tours around the best spots of the bay. You won’t need any specific physical preparation to enjoy everything: the day tours are tranquil and filled with time to relax. It would not make too much sense to go to Palawan just to stay on a beach, considering all the time it will take you to reach these places and  all the special beauties out there!



Often, Palawan is described as a low budget place requiring adaptation and flexibility. Other times it is, on the contrary, also pictured as an expensive luxury destination. Both cases are true. Most of the hotels are locally-run small guesthouses. Some of them are more pleasant, clean and functional than others. In El Nido, the supply of electricity is still limited for most of daytime (but it’s usually guarantee for when you come back from your day tours).

At the extreme opposite side you can find luxury hotels with very high prices, often super-high! Our opinion? Some of them are great and you could decide to have some days with top services. But, whatever your budget is, we suggest to invest your time and money on a trip that will let you discover the best of Palawan. Much better instead of just checking-in in an expensive hotel and seeing always the same beach.

Is there something in between? Yes, there is. Progressively through time, average-level accommodations are spreading. But, these kinds of hotels are still few: the best thing is to book your trip to Palawan well in advance!


Entrance of the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Great colours, right? All real, no editing. (Photo: Tropical Experience)


There are two main seasons in the Philippines. Dry Season: November to June. Rainy Season: June to November. Of course, this is not a net division and it’s quite generic. Anyway, you can have a great tour of Palawan all over the year, also during July or August. “Rainy season” does not mean it rains continuously, it is also possible to have a hot and sunny days with afternoon showers.


A great beach in Palawan during the month of September (photo: Tropical Experience).


Well, there are a lot of ways to do that. One of these obviously is…to check our website:

Here you find the list of our tours. Several of them include Palawan.

There is one tour fully dedicated to Palawan which covers all the above-mentioned destinations.

Our tours are organized both for those who want to travel by themselves and those who want to be accompanied and guided.

(written on October 2017)

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