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Tour for Scuba Diving Lovers (Philippines)

Guides: we recommend a guide to coordinate transfers, tours and activities of the itinerary to make the travel run as smooth and enjoyable as possible for the group. Descretion and professionalism shall be observed for utmost privacy and confidentiality. The tour includes a guide in English and Tagalog local language. An Italian-speaking guide is also available.However, if you are experienced travellers and want to travel on your own, write us to receive a different proposal. You can also check our page dedicated to "autonomous travellers".

General Description

The main destinations of the tour are Dumaguete, Oslob, Siquijor and Bohol: though they belong to different provinces, these 4 destinations are in proximity to each other.

Located in the Central Visayas Region, Dumaguete is nicknamed “The City of Gentle People” and  is the biggest urbanized center of the area. Dumaguete, as well as Oslob, Siquijor and Bohol, are quite notable for their welcoming kindness, you can easily feel in most of the people you interact with.


The area of Dumaguete is characterized by the presence of low mountains close to the shoreline, which makes a typical landscape mix of mountains and sea for all the tastes. Apo Island is a popular destination, only a short distance from the main island of Dumaguete. The marine habitat around the island is a protected marine reserve which makes Apo Island a popular dive site and snorkeling destination among enthusiasts.


A few kilometers away from Dumaguete, entering the province of Cebu, is the town of Oslob. Here we find a very exciting destination dedicated to encountering the Whale Sharks, the biggest fish species in the world (approximately 14 meters length). The gentle giants became friends with fishermen feeding them in the morning and allowing visitors to have the unforgettable experience of swimming with them.


The next very interesting spot in the tour is the island of Siquijor, which constitutes another province itself, that can be reached with a short sea travel from Dumaguete. Siquijor is a coralline island, almost completely surrounded by white-sand beaches, where it is common to encounter fossils of giant clams and you can have great diving activities. From a long time, Siquijor had the reputation of a place of magic, which kept tourists away and attracted them at the same time. Nowadays, the area is a growing tourist destination for its natural attractions like the beaches, a butterfly sanctuary, waterfalls, caves and various diving sites surrounding the island. Enchanting as it is, Siquijor takes pride of the remarkable and genuine kindness of their people.


The last stop will be in Bohol. Bohol is renowned for its cultural heritage as well as natural wonders: the Chocolate Hills, waterfalls, freshwater springs, rivers, caves, mangrove orchards, beautiful off-shore islands, white-sand beaches and clear blue waters with abundant marine life. These features make it a truly special destination for adventurous tourism. Bohol is 70 km from Mactan Island of Cebu, so it is easily accessible by sea or air from the modern city. Take the chance to taste this part of the country’s tasty cuisine while you cruise on a raft in a river in Bohol, just after snorkeling and/or in an amazing sea.  Viewing the chocolate hills and having a staring contest with the world’s smallest monkey, the pocket-sized, wide-eyed tarsier is also a MUST when visiting Bohol.


The destinations included in this tour are the following:

  • Apo Island: A popular dive site and snorkeling destination among enthusiasts

  • Oslob:   Close encounter with the whale sharks and  go swim with these gentle giants

  • Siquijor:  An enchanting tiny province packed with natural attractions

  • Bohol – a favorite Eco-adventure tourism destination in the region

Thenafter, a tour of Manila will let you experience the colorful, busy and lively life of the capital city


What Kind of Tour

This tour is for divers who find the thrill in the underwater world. This will take you to some of the best diving destinations the country has to offer.  Yet, it serves them well as they will be enjoying both being nearby, above and under the sea.  Moreover, the in-lands have got as much to offer to those seeking natural wonders and adventure.



An hour flight will take you to Dumaguete from Manila. Dumaguete will be the main point in transferring to Apo Island, Siquijor, Oslob and Bohol with short boat or ferry rides. From Bohol, an hour flight will take you back to Manila. Local modes of transportation and/or chartered vehicles for in-land transfers to take you to sites and attraction will be provided.


When we are not having barbecue or pocket lunch during our daily trips, we will let you try the specialties of the tasty local cuisine. The local cuisine is quite varied, comprising fish and other seafoods, meat (especially pork and chicken), some choice of vegetables, rice and plenty of tasty and fresh tropical fruits and juices. The Filipino cuisine is tasty, flavorful and aromatic but not spicy nor complicated and generally matches with the western taste.
In the tour program it is specified if the meals will be included or not.  We left “not included” and autonomous dinners in some places where it would be easy for you to choose the restaurant that you prefer and have your privacy. We can always make recommendations if you’d allow us.


Notes on Diving

! All dives included in this tour don’t include entrance fees, sanctuary fees and other fees or taxes for entering the sanctuaries/diving areas. We shall provide a general price list and these shall be charged to the guests on location during the tour. Note that prices may vary without prior notifications due to the discretion of local management and government rules.

!! Eventual rent of diving equipment is not yet included and should be separately paid before the tour to the local partner's management. For a general list of rental fees please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible

!!! All dives shall be organized with local partners who will provide you with assistance. The guide(s) accompanying you during the tours shall endorse you to the local diving staff and will not join the dives.

!!!! For this tour, guests are required to be experienced divers.



Tour Program

Day 1 - arrival

- Transfer to the hotel and rest

- Eventual lunch and/or dinner are not included


Day 2 – to Apo Island

- NB: for this day, breakfast is not included

- Flight to Dumaguete and transfer nearby Apo Island*

- Lunch during the transfer (not included)

- 1 dive in Apo Island

- Dinner included

*Accomodation will be provided near or within Apo Island, due to availability.


Day 3 - diving in Apo Island

- Lunch is included, dinner is autonomous (not included)

- 2 dives

- In the evening, transfer to Oslob


Day 4 – Oslob + Siquijor

- Early morning transfer to the whale sharks area. Swimming with whale sharks.

- Back to the hotel for the breakfast, then transfer to Dumaguete and ferry to Siquijor

- Rest in the hotel and dinner (included)


Day 5 – Siquijor (above the sea)

- Visit of giant Balete Tree, Cambuhagay falls, Salagdoong beach, butterfly garden

- Lunch and dinner are included


Day 6 – Siquijor (under the sea)

- 2 dives

- Lunch and dinner are included


Day 7 – Siquijor-Bohol

- Ferry to Bohol

Day 7 – day 10: Stay in Bohol. Inclusions:

- All meals

- Tour Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Cruise

- Panglao provincial life discovery

- Dolphin Watching and Snorkelling/Island Hopping

- 1 massagge

- Other minor activities during the day tours

- Eventual diving is optional, not included in the program and in the price.


Day 10 – Bohol-Manila

- Flight from Bohol to Manila

- Visit of Saint Augustin Curch and museum (UNESCO heritage), Visit of Casa Manila, museum of domestic tradition

- Dinner in a traditional restaurant with live cultural performances


Day 11 – Bye bye

- (for this day, breakfast is not included)

- Transfer to the airport

- End of your trip with Tropical Experience Travel Services.



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How you could modify or extend this trip
Once back in Manila, you have the whole Philippines to explore. You can add one or two days in Manila or explore the surrounding Tagaytay or Batangas.
Cebu can also be visited and experience what the vibrant “Queen City of the South” can offer. If you haven’t got enough and still want more of the sea, we can take you to Boracay and other islands in the surroundings of Cebu.
You might also want to explore the southern part of Palawan, with Puerto Princesa and its famous Underground River, or Coron or El Nido.
You can also decide to experience a different side of the Philippines, going on the hills of Baguio, where it is always cool as spring and/or explore the rice terraces in Banaue and Sagada.


Terms and conditions
Before booking this tour, please read the page terms and conditions on our website.The present itinerary should be considered as general. It may vary due to weather, other obstacles, booking availability or other variables not under our control.
If one of the guests has allergies or other issues linked to food, please let us know in advance. Please inform us as well about physical obstacles or a particular health status of a guest.

The present itineraries published on the website are only examples and the prices are not bindings. For any single inquiry made, the tours will be redefined and prices shall be re-computed accordingly, which may vary due to several factors such as number of people or chosen travel period.

By Digol Morconi

By Digol Morconi

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