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Tropical Experience Travel Services - Tours of the Philippines

TOUR C - Family Fun & Adventure (Philippines)


Our tours could be organized in two different ways:

A- Self-guided version, with English assistance

We'll organize your trip, then you and your companions will travel by yourself, supported (in English language) by experienced local operators in each destination. Before the start of the tour, you will received a Travel Handbook with your itinerary in full detail along with travel documents and tickets, passes and vouchers, so you'll be able to travel around the Philippines in a smooth and organized way. This solution is advised for those that have some travel experience and can communicate using the English language (a bit, at least!). Of course, it's also a good solution for those who want privacy or choose a rather simpler / not too complex tour.

B- Fully guided version, with an English-speaking tour leader

Alternatively you could choose to have a private tour escort appointed by Tropical Experience, who will coordinate all your activities and transfer, to offer the most comfortable way to travel around. We offer privacy and a professional approach. This option is ideal for bigger groups, people who are not comfortable speaking in English and/or have too little or zero travel experience. It can also be an advised solution for certain destinations that may have complicated logistics. Surely, it is also a service that fits those who need prime-level guide services.


Other "combinations" or different options can be discussed by E-mail.


General Description

Travel often inspires lifelong memories, and this memorable tour will take your family hopping into some of the many scattered islands of the Visayas area, the central Region of the Philippines. You will visit the laid back island province of Bohol, the enchanting island of Siquijor and the interesting countryside of Cebu .


The destinations in this tour feature natural and “super-natural” wonders, discovery, adventures, and great beaches all in one that your whole family (with toddlers, kids and even teens!)  will enjoy.


You will get to taste this part of the country’s delicious cuisine while you cruise on a raft in a river in Bohol,j just after viewing the Chocolate Hills and having a staring contest with one of the world’s smallest primate, the pocket-sized and wide-eyed Tarsier. All these happens just a day after snorkeling in an amazing sea with generous spreads coral beds and enjoying a family picnic on the beach! you will have the rare and extraordinary chance to swim with the “gentle giants” of the sea, the whale sharks! 


The exploration continues with the enchanting island province of Siquijor. It is a small enticing island, known for magic and local healing crafts, packed with natural wonders and adventure! Because of its great sunsets and for the widespread presence of fireflies, the island was also called “Isla del Fuego” (island of fire) by the Spanish colonizers.


 In summary, the destinations comprised in this family tour of the Philippines are:

  • Bohol – a favourite Eco-adventure tourism destination, with the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier and a rich, beautiful sea

  • Siquijor – a charming island full of magical wonders and unforgettable sea beds

Then after, an (optional) tour of Manila could let you experience the colourful, busy and lively capital of the Philippines.

What Kind of Tour

This tour of the Philippines is designed to combine quality family time, engaging cultural experiences, sightseeing and education, brought to families in a fun environment for children and adults alike. Daily tours  are created with all ages in mind. Many tours include a mix of activities and down time for rest and relaxation while on holiday. We’ll make sure you’ll have a leisurely pace to provide time for family bonding and learning. We’ll also let you have your free time for your family to enjoy explorations on your own.


You will have 2 domestic flights: Manila-Bohol and Dumaguete-Manila. The transfers from Bohol to Siquijor and from Siquijor to Dumaguete will be made using ferries. Chartered vehicles will be provided for all inland tours and transfers for your family’s comfort. You will board on private boats with a dedicated crew for day tours on the sea.  Airport/seaport to hotel (and vice versa) transfer services will be provided.


Grassroots travel means that you try to do the local way, and that means eating at local restaurants. The food is always freshly made and delicious, and there is generally a great variety on offer. If in case one or some of the guests has allergies or other issues or diet preferences linked to food, please let us know in advance so we’ll make necessary adaptations.


We make efforts to provide traditional accommodation that are clean and comfortable - with local touch and Western standards. You'll mainly stay in small to medium, locally- run hotels, resorts and guesthouses that reflect the character of the area.

Our tours – depending on the destinations - can usually provide solutions with both comfortable hotels or occasionally rustic accommodation with basic facilities.

We can, however, also arrange different levels of accommodation on most of our trips, depending on budget and preferred kind of services.


Tour Program

Day 1 - Arrival and time to rest

  • Arrival at Manila International Airport. Transfer to hotel.Rest and sleep in hotel.

  • There are no activities and meals included for this day.


Day 2 - Transfer to Bohol: the Jewel of the Visayas Region

  • After breakfast, transfer to the airport and flight to Bohol.

  • Arrival in Bohol, check-in at the hotel and time to settle down.

  • Lunch (not included) during the transfers or upon arrival.

  • Afternoon mini-tour to discover the area of Panglao, you will be immersed in the island's countryside, discovering localattractions and ending in the afternoon relaxing on a beautiful white sand beach.

  • Free night and dinner time (dinner not included).


Day 3 – The Beautiful Sea of Bohol: Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping and Snorkeling

  • Island hopping tour with dolphin watching, time to rest on white sandy beaches and to snorkel in the local marine sanctuaries. Included picnic lunch.

  • Departure early in the morning, back to the hotel in the early afternoon. Free time to relax or for autonomously organized activity.

  • Autonomous dinner (not included).

Day 4 – Countryside Tour: the Most Iconic Places of Bohol (Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River + more)

  • A day for a “countryside tour” exploring the inland of Bohol and its globally-known destinations. Your family will go see the stunning view on the the Chocolate Hills and will visit of the Tarsier Sanctuary, to encounter these tiny animals in the wild.

  • Other activities and attractions in the nature will be offered during the day, like a visit of the butterfly garden. You will also have a special lunch aboard a tranquil boat river cruise on Loboc River.

Day 5 - Swimming with the Whale Sharks, Sardine Run Experience & Waterfalls

  • Transfer to the main island to Bohol. Near a local beach, you will be able to swim with the whale sharks and snorkeling with these wonderful animals.

  • You will then transfer to beautiful local waterfalls to chill.

  • Next, it will be time to have more snorkeling in the beautiful sea of Bohol, in a site where you could also encounter impressive sardine runs.

  • Lunch included during the day.

  • Back to the hotel in the afternoon. Free time. Dinner not included.


Day 6 – To Siquijor, the Beautiful Filipino Island of Magic

  • Ferry ride to Siquijor after breakfast. Arrival at Siquijor and transfer to the hotel. Check-in at the hotel. Lunch upon arrival (not included).

  • Rest of the day free by the beach. You will enjoy fine white sand beach, great for relaxation and also for snorkeling around colorful fishes, corals and other marine creatures.

  • Free time for dinner (not included).


Day 7 – Exploration of Siquijor’s Wonders (Balete Tree, Healers, Falls) and Time for Beach

  • A tour around Siquijor Island will let you  visit the old enchanted Balete tree,  the local healers’ place and learn about their traditional methods, and the wonderful Cambuhagay Falls- a fairy tale place hidden around the hills of the island. Picnic lunch by the falls.

  • Back to the hotel in the afternoon. Time to relax and to enjoy the beach. Dinner not included.


Day 8 – Siquijor Beach Day: Time to Chill and Snorkel

  • Free day for beach relaxation and snorkeling.

  • No meals or activities included for this day.


Day 9 – Siquijor Beach Day: More Time to Chill and Snorkel

  • Free day for beach relaxation and snorkeling.

  • No meals or activities included for this day.


Day 10 – Back to Manila and Optional Visit of the City

  • In the morning, transfer to the port. Transfer by ferry to Dumaguete.

  • Flight Dumaguete-Manila.

  • Lunch (not included) during the transfers or upon arrival.

  • Follows a guided walking tour in the ancient walled city of Intramuros and it's parks, visit of a museum dedicated to domestic traditions, visit of San Agustin Church (UNESCO Heritage) and its museum.

  • Time for (optional) souvenir shopping in a centre specialized in local handcrafts and fine Philippine products.

  • Dinner (included) in special traditional venue, with live and interactive cultural dances and performances.

Note: you can alternatively choose to have this day free and manage the time as you prefer.


Day 11 – Bye Bye

Transfer to the airport and end of your family’s memorable tour with Tropical Experience Travel Services.


For a free quotation, write an e-mail to


How you could modify or extend this trip

If you haven’t got enough of the sea and still want more, we can take you to other Visayan islands like Boracay or to other Cebu’s surrounding islands. From the Visayan region, you may also have a short flight to reach the south western Luzon region in the province of  Palawan to see their world-famous islands and lagoons. Or, we can also omit a destination and add more free days and/or activities on your stay.

Terms and conditions

Before booking this tour, please read the page Terms and Conditions on our website. The present itinerary should be considered as general. It may still vary due to weather, unavoidable obstacles, booking availability or other variables that are not under our control. Please inform us as well about physical obstacles or particular health conditions of a guest so the logistical flow and/or activities will be adjusted accordingly.

Viaggio Boracay
Viaggio Coron
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Agenzia viaggi Filippine Tour Operator
Siquijor beach
Agenzia viaggi Filippine Tour Operator
Siquijor tramonto
Viaggiare Boracay
Viaggio Siquijor Filippine

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