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Tropical Experience Travel Services - Tours of the Philippines

TOUR A - Island-to-Island (Bohol and Palawan)


Our tours could be organized in two different ways:

A- Self-guided version, with English assistance

We'll organize your trip, then you and your companions will travel by yourself, supported (in English language) by experienced local operators in each destination. Before the start of the tour, you will received a Travel Handbook with your itinerary in full detail along with travel documents and tickets, passes and vouchers, so you'll be able to travel around the Philippines in a smooth and organized way. This solution is advised for those that have some travel experience and can communicate using the English language (a bit, at least!). Of course, it's also a good solution for those who want privacy or choose a rather simpler / not too complex tour.

B- Fully guided version, with an English-speaking tour leader

Alternatively you could choose to have a private tour escort appointed by Tropical Experience, who will coordinate all your activities and transfer, to offer the most comfortable way to travel around. We offer privacy and a professional approach. This option is ideal for bigger groups, people who are not comfortable speaking in English and/or have too little or zero travel experience. It can also be an advised solution for certain destinations that may have complicated logistics. Surely, it is also a service that fits those who need prime-level guide services.


Other "combinations" or different options can be discussed by E-mail.


General Description

This tour of the Philippines has it all for those who want to discover the beauties of nature of this charming archipelago. You will spend a lot of time with its incredibly beautiful seas. You will have many adventures and unforgettable experiences along with both active tours and moments of relaxation.

After your arrival in Manila, you will spend a day discovering the vibrant capital of the country. You will be visiting the former colonial Spanish citadel of Intramuros, the outdoor markets, the public parks and the other popular places that will help you in familiarizing with the local culture.

Then, you will transfer to Bohol, a charming island province that encloses many attractions. You will have the chance to discover the incredible waters that made Bohol famous worldwide: here you will have the chance to encounter the "gentle giants" of the sea, the whale sharks, sardine runs and other beautiful sea creatures. Here you could also have an easy and fantastic snorkelling. You will also explore the inland of Bohol, with a glimpse of the local countryside life. Get to know the very classic local attractions: the Chocolate Hills and their curious landscape and the sanctuary for the conservation of the tarsier, where these tiny and cute primates can be observed in a semi-wild environment.

The trip goes on in Palawan, a wild yet welcoming province, where you can find a natural scenario rich of surprises. The classic landscape made by the typically dome-shaped islands, palm trees, super white sands, animals, birds and transparent waters rich of life, made this province one of the most coveted destinations for trips to the Philippines. Unsurprisingly, many specialized magazines recently put this province at the top of many lists of the most beautiful islands and destinations of the world.

You will start the exploration of Palawan in Puerto Princesa, where you will discover the famous Underground River (one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and an UNESCO Heritage Site). This river flows from the sea inside a cave for more than 8 kilometers, half of which can be explored with small boats in a primordial atmosphere rich of biodiversity like rare bats, fishes, amphibious species, among others. In Puerto Princesa you will also have the evocative experience of firefly watching, paddling on a river surrounded by lush mangroves.

The trip continues to the extraordinary seas and the majestic nature of El Nido, perfect as the last destination of this tour. El Nido is a small fishing town in the north of Palawan, that is gaining a world-celebrity status thanks to the exceptional local seas, making it an ideal destination for ecotourism enthusiasts. With day tours in the bay of El Nido you will discover a marvelous sea, small and big hidden beaches,  dramatic volcanic limestone cliffs tower over magnificent lagoons, picturesque rock formations and other great shows made up for you by a generous and abundant nature.

The final leg of the trip will then take you back to Manila.


What Kind of Tour

This entire tour is set for you to discover the nature of the country with various perspectives. The trip alternates moments of adventure and relaxation, recreation and leisure, always with the beautiful sea that surrounds the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

The tour is planned for an average level of budget, with good provisions for comfort and cleanliness. It can also be organized as a high budget trip if you prefer indulge with touches of luxury or, with some adjustments, also as a low cost trip.



The routes Manila-Bohol, Bohol-Manila-Puerto Princesa and El Nido-Manila will be covered with short domestic flights. For the transfers between Puerto Princesa and El Nido  you will board a van/car (5 hour transfer). For day tours on the sea, you will have motorized boat transfers. For day tours and transfers by land, you will have a private van or a car with driver service (gasoline, parking fees and driver’s meals already included). You could also use small tricycle (known also as “tuk tuk”) for short transfers in small towns.



Apart from the freshly-prepared meals and barbecue picnics or packed lunch during day tours, you can discover the specialties of the tasty local cuisine, alternating classic restaurant and home-made-style food. The local cuisine is quite varied comprising fish and other seafood, meat (especially pork and chicken), choice of vegetables, rice and plenty of tasty and fresh tropical fruits and juices. The Filipino plate is tasty but not spicy, an interesting flavourful mix of Spanish, Malay, Chinese and American cuisine with local ingredients - quite complicated as it sounds yet it fairly matches with the Western taste. Some meals are included in the price (see specification for "included" or "not included") while some are not especially in places where it’s easy and more comfortable to freely choose by yourself among many available options.

Tour Program

Day 1 - Arrival, time to rest

  • Arrival at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Time to rest.

  • Meals and other independent activities are not included.


Day 2 – Visit of Manila: cultural heritage, modern life and popular places (optional day)

  • You will visit the former Spanish colonial citadel, Intramuros, where you will start familiarizing yourselves with the local culture and history. You will visit San Agustin Church (UNESCO Heritage Site) and its museum. A second museum dedicated to house traditions will make the picture complete.

  • You will also visit “popular” places of this giant metropolis, such as the entertaining and busy Quiapo bazaar and the famous Rizal Memorial Park.

  • In the evening, dinner (included) will be served while enjoying live cultural shows performed by students of traditional Filipino arts.

Day 3 – To Bohol, discovering the colourful Visayas Region

  • Transfer to the airport in the morning. Flight to Bohol.

  • Arrival in Bohol and transfer to the resort. Take lunch (included).

  • In the afternoon, Panglao Island mini-tour, to discover the local countryside life and landscape. Back to the hotel by sunset. Autonomous dinner (not included).

  • 1-hour whole body massage can be scheduled with your resort’s spa anytime within your stay.

Day 4 – A magic encounter with the whale sharks + sardine runs + waterfalls

  • You will be taken to Bohol's main island, where you will be able to snorkel in a site where whale sharks can be encountered free in the wild. Follows time to chill by beautiful local waterfalls.

  • You'll then move to another site in Panglao island, where you will be able to have beautiful snorkeling, with chances of seeing sardine runs.

  • Back in the resort hotel in the afternoon.

  • Free evening. Dinner not included.


Day 5 – Countryside Tour with the most iconic places of Bohol: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River + more

  • Whole day tour, admiring the curious landscape of the Chocolate Hills and visiting the Sanctuary of the small Tarsiers, where these animals can be encountered free in the tropical forest. Other secondary cultural and historical activities will be proposed. Lunch  (included) on floating restaurant while cruising on Loboc River.

  • Back to the resort hotel before evening. Dinner not included.

Day 6 – From Bohol to Puerto Princesa, to discover the beautiful nature of Palawan. Night experience with fireflies.

  • Transfer to Bohol airport.

  • Flight to Puerto Princesa (with stop-over in Manila). Lunch (not included) is autonomous during the transfer or upon arrival.

  • Arrival in Puerto Princesa and transfer to the hotel.

  • In the evening, it will be time for an excursion for firefly watching on a river, surrounded by the mangroves, follows.

Day 7 – Puerto Princesa Underground River: the primordial sceneries of Palawan

  • Day tour to the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River (Unesco Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature). Included lunch.

  • More optional activities (not included, upon request) could be included during the day.

  • In the evening, you’ll travel back to Puerto Princesa wherein dinner will be served independently (not included) and also where you will spend your night.

Day 8 – Transfer from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, to discover the best sea of Palawan

  • Transfer with a private van/car from Puerto Princesa to El Nido (approximately 5 hours transfer time).

  • Arrival in El Nido and check-in in hotel.

  • The rest of the day is free to enjoy one of the main beaches or for resting. Meals and other activities for this day are not included.


Day 9 – First Day Tour in El Nido: the most iconic attractions of Bacuit Bay

  • Tour by boat discovering the beauties around the spectacular bay of El Nido, with included barbecue lunch in one of the island stops (visit of Big Lagoon, Miniloc Island, Simisu Island, 7 Commandos Beach and other destinations).

  • Arrival at the town of El Nido will be by late afternoon.

  • Free evening. Dinner not included.

Day 10 – The secrets of El Nido: island hopping around the most hidden beautiful spots

  • Second tour discovering more beauties around El Nido, with included barbecue lunch (visit of Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Helicopter Island and other destinations).

  • Arrival at the town of El Nido will be at late afternoon.

  • Free evening. Dinner not included.

Day 11 – Free Day in El Nido, time to chill

  • This day is free for you to rest or discover by yourself some of the nearby “inland” beaches of El Nido (above all, Nacpan Beach and the twin Calitang Beach).

  • There are no activities or meals included for this day.

Day 12 – Back to Manila, some free time

  • Transfer to El Nido Airport. Flight El Nido-Manila.

  • Arrival in Manila, transfer to the hotel and check-in.

  • There are no activities or meals included for this day.

Day 13 – Bye Bye!

  • Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the airport. End of your trip of the Philippines.



For a free quotation, write an e-mail to


Available hotel options

Generally,  we propose the following hotel levels (consider that available levels may also change depending on the chosen destinations)

  • Basic Level: overnight in small guesthouse-type budget hotels, with no frills but providing the basic comforts and services (private room, private toilet and bath, hot/cold shower, air-conditioning , cleaning service, breakfast, Wi-Fi at least in common areas)

  • Comfort Level: pleasantly - selected medium-level establishments with good level of services and typical/local atmosphere and personality. Generally preferring good hotels of medium-small size.

  • Superior Level: medium-high budget hotels with great level of services, for travelers who want to be sure to have all the modern comforts and convenience but not necessarily luxurious.

Luxury level accommodation is also available for those who prefer it.


Options to modify or extend this trip

This itinerary needs a minimum of 13 days, but it can easily be extended with some extra days, staying more in Bohol and/or in El Nido. In these two destinations you can have more excursions to discover the beauties of the local seas or inland beauties. On the other hand, if you have 3-4 or more days available, you may also proceed further to the north of Palawan, in the town of Coron where the combination of simple countryside life and majestic nature meets perfectly. From Bohol, you may also cross the sea and discover Cebu, a modern city yet also rich in culture and history then go to the provincial areas for more sea and nature.


Terms and conditions

Before booking this tour, please read the page Terms and Conditions on our website. The itinerary presented above should be considered as broad and just for a general idea. It may vary due to weather, obstacles, booking availability or other uncontrollable variables. Furthermore, if one of the guests has allergies or other issues linked to food, please let us know in advance. Inform us, too, if there’s any physical obstacles or a particular health status that we should be made aware of.

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