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all the colours of the Philippines, designed your way


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Blog- 11 Awesome Colors of the Philippines

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The Philippines is an extensive prism of colors, shining in each of its thousand islands.  We felt like sharing with you some colors of the Philippines, and let these hues burst in your imagination! Indeed, as the Tropical Experience Travel Services live by our motto: “All the colors of the Philippines, designed your way”! See here some photos that flaunt some of the islands’ symphony of colors:

  1. Light Blue


Chromatic varieties are many, but the blue of the Philippine sea is something amazing, especially if it is mixed with the reflection of the sun. It can heal any melancholia! Here is the sea of Boracay.

2. Emerald


Sometimes the sea turns to be emerald, thanks to its crystal-clear transparency and the availability of a lot of green forest. Don’t you feel like you want to dive immediately? Here is in one of the lagoons in CoronPalawan.

3. Green

Avventura Banaue

The beautiful light green of the Banaue Rice Terraces, in the north of the Philippines!

4. Red


With skies, seas and sun beautifully merge in harmony like this, sunsets in the Philippines are always stunning.

5. White


White sand is another big expetaction from those who travel to tropical countries. If you are searching for it, Philippines will not be a delusion. Here s a bar of white sand during low tide at the Pontod Island , also known as the Virgin Island in  Bohol.

6. Brown


The typical skin complexion of Filipinos is brown, that can be easily bronzed and and naturally tanned, thus making all “western people” jealous. Anyway, with an adequate sun protection, you can also aim to go back to your own country with a tan that will make all your friends jealous!

7. Polka-White dots


Marine animals often have quite special colours and designs on their skin. Here in the picture, a whale shark is passing by with his typical dots (photo taken in Oslob, Cebu Province).

8. Pink


Pigs are quite spread in the Philippine farms. Here is a mother pig with her sucklings in an organic farm in Bohol.

9. Orange


Encountering the orange clownfish (here, chromatically coordinated with its anemone) is a favorite amongst snorkellers. This site is quite abundant, thus an easy encounter, in the Philippine seas.

10. Yellow


Varieties and colours of sands in the Philippines are many. Here a yellow-corn version in Nacpan Beach, El Nido, in the paradise of Palawan.

11. Dark Blue


Blue starfish are rare in certain areas, but the Philippine seas have plenty of them. Small attraction are always very appreciated by tourists.

12. Lots of Colors


Dancers adorn themselves with a bright mix of colours during the Sinulog Festival Street Parade, Cebu City.

Photo by Tiago Rosa.


Visit The Philippines with us and create your own kaleidoscope of colours! Come to let your eyes feast and experience the colours yourself!

(written on December 2013)

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