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HONEYMOON IN THE PHILIPPINES- Eco-Honeymoon and Eco-Honeymoon Sea & Mountains

Guides: we recommend a guide to coordinate transfers, tours and activities of the itinerary to make the travel run as smooth and enjoyable as possible for the couple. Descretion and professionalism shall be observed for utmost privacy and confidentiality. The tour includes a guide in English and Tagalog local language. An Italian-speaking guide is also available.However, if you are experienced travellers and want to travel on your own, write us to receive a different proposal. You can also check our page dedicated to "autonomous travellers".


General Description

This tour will take the two of you around different areas of the Philippines and some of the places that this country boasts of. You will have a honeymoon discovering nature hand in hand and be amazed that you discovered such beautiful places together.

We will start with the small Camiguin Island, in the South-Central part of the country. Camiguin is tiny and, at the same time, very generous in attractions with 7 volcanoes and 5 villages. Here you can discover a beautiful sea and islets made of pure white sand, like White Island, a long sand bar emerging from the clear waters. You will not miss marvelous places for snorkeling around the island. Also, you will have time to do some trekking to the Hibok-Hibok Vulcano and to relax in open-air hot volcanic thermal spring.

After Camiguin, we will have a short breeze of Cebu, the oldest city of the Philippines, where we will discover some significant local history (it was where that Portuguese explorer Magellan “discovered” the Philippines) and also sample some of its tasty local dishes (with the specialty Lechon Cebu).

From Cebu, we will move to the paradise of Palawan, absolutely one of the more spectacular provinces of the Philippines and probably of the world. Indeed, Palawan is now considered a must-visit of world fame for ecotourism. We will start exploring the Puerto Princesa Underground River (UNESCO Heritage and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature!). We will go on to El Nido, where you can enjoy a lot of sea with the majestic landscape of its bay: you will be able to have high quality snorkeling in the transparent water, relax, discover islands and hidden beaches in this flora and fauna natural paradise. You will compplete your visit of Palawan with Coron, the northern tip of the Palawan, where you will find more amazing seas, but also the sacred local lakes, quiet lagoons surrounded by giant rocks and a under-the-sea life that is really breathtaking.

You will then conclude your tour in Manila, where you will have the opportunity of knowing the colonial history of the nation’s capital.


If you wish to upgrade and extend your trip with the package “Eco-Honeymoon Sea and Mountains”, you will have the opportunity to explore the North of the Philippines, in the Ifugao and Mountain Provinces. Here, among the high mountain ranges of the Cordillera, you will discover (with some trekking) the incredible landscapes of the rice terraces, explore spectacular caves and get to glimpse the local culture with the famous funeral tradition of the “hanging coffins”.


Resuming, these are the main destinations of your tour:

  • Camiguin: a small ecotourist's paradise with islets, vulcanoes and natural thermae

  • Cebu: a quick glimpse of history and good food

  • Puerto Princesa: the marvelous Underground River

  • El Nido: the spectacular bay and the priste nature

  • Coron: majestic landscapes of sea, lakes and lagoons

  • Manila: a short tour of colonial Intramuros and the history of the capital

  • Only for the Eco-Honeymoon Sea and Mountains: trekking in the rice terraces and discovery of the rich and well-preserved culture of Banaue and Sagada


What kind of tour

This tour will allow you to have a complete and unforgettable experience with your loved one, immerse in the nature of the Philippines, with a mix of discovery of local provincial traditions. You will have a quite active honeymoon and it will be your chance to explore a far world and unique landscapes together. The tour plans several transfers and continuosly offers outdoor activities, (also with trekking specially for the upgraded tour): it is anyway an accessible tour for all those longing for an active vacation packed with discoveries, without such difficulties requiring particular experience or high physical preparation. Anyway, the tour is not advised to those having physical and/or health problems. The tour is planned for an average budget, but keeping a good level of comfort possibly in locally-owned accommodations.



When we are not having barbecue picnics or packed lunch during our daily trips, we will let you try the specialties of the tasty local cuisine, alternating classic restaurant and home-made-style food. The local cuisine is quite varied comprising fish and other seafood, meat (especially pork and chicken), some choice of vegetables, rice and plenty tasty and fresh tropical fruits and juices. The Filipino cuisine is tasty but not spicy, an interesting mix of Spanish, Chinese, American cuisine with local ingredients ,quite complicated as it sounds yet it generally matches the Western taste.Some meals are included in the price (see specification for "included" or "not included"). Included meals are only the ones explicitly mentioned as “included” in the program. Included meals are standard set proposed by the guides: additional orders are not included.


Tour Program


Day 1 – Arrival in Manila

Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel and rest (varies depending on your time opf arrival)


Day 2 – Camiguin

  • Transfer to Manila airport and flight to Camiguin.

  • Autonomous lunch on the way (not included)

  • Visit of Mantique Island or White Island (in case of arrival during the late afternoon, the activity will be postponed to the following day) Afternoon in the hot spring thermae

  • Exclusive romantic dinner for 2 (included)


Day 3 – Camiguin

  • Visit of Mantique Island or White Island

  • Visit the Giant Clam Sanctuary. Lunch on the way (not included)

  • Couple massage: 1-hour per person. Dinner (not included)


Day 4 – Camiguin

  • Day tour dedicated to trekking on Hibok-Hibok Vulcano (included packed lunch)

  • Autonomous dinner (not included)


Day 5– Cebu

  • Morning flight to Cebu and check-in at the hotelDay tour dedicated to visit Cebu and discover its main historical attractions

  • Included dinner with the typical Lechon Cebu. Free night


Day 6 – from Cebu to Puerto Princesa (Palawan)

  • Transfer to Cebu airport and flight to Puerto Princesa (autonomous lunch, not included)

  • Free afternoon to autonomously look around and discover the provincial city of Puerto Princesa

  • Included early dinner. A romantic activity of Firefly Watching surrounded by nature, on a paddle boat


Day 7 – Underground River

  • Day tour to discover the Underground River (UNESCO Heritage and onw of the 7 Wonders of Nature!)

  • Included lunch during the tour. Mouthwatering seafood dinner for 2 in Puerto Princesa by night


Day 8 – from Puerto Princesa to El Nido

  • Transfer to El Nido with van (around 6 hours length). Lunch on the way (not included)

  • The afternoon is free, to rest on the main beach of El Nido

  • Dinner is autonomous and not included (many restaurants available in town)


Day 9 – El Nido

  • ExplorationsDay tour in El Nido Bay, with stops in beaches, islets, lagoons and other natural attractions. Barbecue picnic lunch included

  • Dinner is autonomous and not included choosing by yourself among the many eating places available in town


Day 10 – More Explorations in El Nido (new destinations)

  • Another day tour in El Nido Bay, with new discoveries of secret beaches, secluded islands, lagoons and other natural attractions. Barbecue lunch included.

  • Dinner is autonomous and not included choosing among the many restaurants available in the town


Day 11–From El Nido to Coron

  • Transfer from El Nido to Coron by boat. The boat will proceed through the coast line of Palawan and its islands (many of them have no inhabitants) and will take around 8 hours. Packed lunch (included) will be provided. There will be no stops during this trip.

  • Afternoon/evening: arrival in Coron and check-in in the hotel

  • Late afternoon: rest in the hot spring thermae (outdoor)*

  • A (included) dinner with typical local dishes will follow

*this activity depends on the time of arrival in Coron. In case the activity will not be possible, it will be proposed again during one of the next days.


Day 12 – Coron

  • After breakfast, we will have a day tour exploring the main beauties of Coron, among coral reefs, snorkeling, relax on islets and hidden beaches, lagoons and bays. Barbecue lunch included.

  • For dinner (included), we will try new local specialties


Day 13 – More explorations in Coron (new destinations)

  • We will go on exploring the bays around Coron and their beauties, alternating adventures and relax. Lunch included

  • In the evening, dinner (not included)


Day 14 – From Coron to Manila

  • In the morning, transfer to the airport and take flight to Manila (lunch on the way, not included)

  • In the afternoon we will discover Intramuros, the ancient Spanish colonial part of Manila, where we will visit the San Agustin Church (UNESCO Heritage) and a museum dedicated to house traditions. There will be also time for some (optional) shopping in specialized handcrafts shops

  • Dinner for 2 in traditional restaurant with live cultural performances (included)


Day 15 – Tour Conclusion

Note: for this morning, breakfast is not included

Transfer to the airport and end of your tour with Tropical Experience Travel Services



Day 15 – To Banaue and Sagada (note: the order of activities of the following days could be different, depending on natural conditions, pacing and other variables)

  • Note: for this day, breakfast is not included

  • Meeting at the hotel and transfer to Banaue by van (around 8-10 hours)

  • Lunch on the way (not included) and dinner upon arrival (not included)


Day 16 – Exploring Batad

  • Trekking to Batad Village and its rice terraces, with optional walk to the Tappiyah Waterfalls (you can decide at the moment depending on weather and physical conditions)

  • Lunch on the way (not included) and dinner in or around the hotel (not included)


Day 17 – Break

  • Free day dedicated to activities like visit of Banaue town, local villages, handcrafts shopping, panoramic viewsLunch and dinner are autonomous and not included


Day 18 - Sagada

  • Transfer to Sagada and explorations of caves, valleys and waterfalls, with viewing of the famous “Hanging coffins” (lunch on the way, not included)

  • Dinner in Sagada town (not included)


Day 19 – Back to Manila

  • Tranfer from Sagada to Manila with the van (about 10-12 hours)Lunch and dinner on the way, not included

  • Arrival by evening/night in Manila, rest in the hotel


Day 20 - Conclusion

Transfer to the airport and end of your honeymoon tour with Tropical Experience Travel Services.



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How to Modify or Extend this Trip

You may also want to explore another province famous of its nature: Bohol, with the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier, the sea of Panglao Island and the Loboc River. You may further explore Cebu and its surrounding islands or head to the world-famous island that never sleeps: Boracay. If you like to stay in the Visayas you can also try the Negros Oriental or Siquijor.


Terms and Conditions

Before booking this tour, please read and understand the page “Terms and Conditions” on our website. The present itinerary should be considered as general and may still vary due to weather, other obstacles, booking availability or other not controllable variables.If one of the guests has allergies or other issues linked to food, please let us know in advance. Inform us too if there’s be any physical limitation or a particular health status worthy to take note of.



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