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Tropical Experience Travel Services - Tours of the Philippines

HONEYMOON IN THE PHILIPPINES- Eco-Honeymoon and Eco-Honeymoon Sea & Mountains


Our tours could be organized in two different ways:

A- Self-guided version, with English assistance

We'll organize your trip, then you and your companions will travel by yourself, supported (in English language) by experienced local operators in each destination. Before the start of the tour, you will received a Travel Handbook with your itinerary in full detail along with travel documents and tickets, passes and vouchers, so you'll be able to travel around the Philippines in a smooth and organized way. This solution is advised for those that have some travel experience and can communicate using the English language (a bit, at least!). Of course, it's also a good solution for those who want privacy or choose a rather simpler / not too complex tour. See how our self-guided version works here.

B- Fully guided version, with an English-speaking tour leader

Alternatively you could choose to have a private tour escort appointed by Tropical Experience, who will coordinate all your activities and transfer, to offer the most comfortable way to travel around. We offer privacy and a professional approach. This option is ideal for bigger groups, people who are not comfortable speaking in English and/or have too little or zero travel experience. It can also be an advised solution for certain destinations that may have complicated logistics. Surely, it is also a service that fits those who need prime-level guide services.


Other "combinations" or different options can be discussed by E-mail.

General Description

This tour will take the two of you around different areas of the Philippines and some of the places that this country boasts of. You will have a honeymoon discovering nature hand in hand and be amazed that you discovered such beautiful places together.

You will start your experience with the small Camiguin Island, in the South-Central part of the country. Camiguin is tiny and, at the same time, very generous in attractions with 7 volcanoes and 5 villages. Here you can discover a beautiful sea and islets made of pure white sand, like White Island, a long sand bar emerging from the clear waters. You will not miss marvelous places for snorkeling around the island. Also, you will have time to do some trekking to the Hibok-Hibok Vulcano and to relax in open-air hot volcanic thermal spring.

After Camiguin, you will have a short breeze of Cebu, the oldest city of the Philippines, where you will discover some significant local history (it was where that Portuguese explorer Magellan “discovered” the Philippines) and also sample some of its tasty local dishes (with the specialty Lechon Cebu).

From Cebu, you will move to the paradise of Palawan, absolutely one of the more spectacular provinces of the Philippines and probably of the world. Indeed, Palawan is now considered a must-visit of world fame for ecotourism. You will start exploring the Puerto Princesa Underground River (UNESCO Heritage and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature!).

The next stop is El Nido, where you can enjoy a lot of sea with the majestic landscape of its bay: you will be able to have high quality snorkeling in the transparent water, relax, discover islands and hidden beaches in this flora and fauna natural paradise.

You will complete your visit of Palawan with Coron, the northern tip of the Palawan, where you will find more amazing seas, but also the sacred local lakes, quiet lagoons surrounded by giant rocks and a under-the-sea life that is really breathtaking.

You will then conclude your tour in Manila, where you will have the opportunity of knowing the colonial history of the nation’s capital.


Extension: “Eco-Honeymoon Sea and Mountains” 

Choosing this option, you will also have the opportunity to explore the North of the Philippines, in the Ifugao and Mountain Provinces. Here, among the high mountain ranges of the Cordillera, you will discover (with some trekking) the incredible landscapes of the rice terraces, explore spectacular caves and get to glimpse the local culture with the famous funeral tradition of the “hanging coffins”.


Resuming, these are the main destinations of your tour:

  • Camiguin: a small ecotourist's paradise with islets, vulcanoes and natural thermae

  • Cebu: a quick glimpse of history and good food

  • Puerto Princesa: the marvelous Underground River

  • El Nido: the spectacular bay and the priste nature

  • Coron: majestic landscapes of sea, lakes and lagoons

  • Manila: a short tour of colonial Intramuros and the history of the capital

  • Only for the Eco-Honeymoon Sea and Mountains: trekking in the rice terraces and discovery of the rich and well-preserved culture of Banaue and Sagada


What kind of tour

This tour will allow you to have a complete and unforgettable experience with your loved one, immerse in the nature of the Philippines, with a mix of discovery of local provincial traditions. You will have a quite active honeymoon and it will be your chance to explore a far world and unique landscapes together. The tour plans several transfers and continuosly offers outdoor activities, (also with trekking specially for the upgraded tour): it is anyway an accessible tour for all those longing for an active vacation packed with discoveries, without such difficulties requiring particular experience or high physical preparation. Anyway, the tour is not advised to those having physical and/or health problems.

Meals and Filipino Cuisine

You will be having barbecue picnics or packed lunch during your day tours, and in other times, you will have chances to try in restaurants and eateries other specialties of the tasty local cuisine. The local cuisine is quite varied comprising of fish and other seafood, meat (especially pork and chicken), some choice of vegetables, rice and plenty of tasty and fresh tropical fruits and juices. The Filipino cuisine is tasty but not spicy or complicated and generally matches with the Western taste. The meals that are incorporated in the price are the ones specified as "included". We left some “not included” autonomous meals like dinners in El Nido, where it is easy for you to choose a restaurant that you prefer and also for your privacy. If you desire different meal arrangements, please let us know and we’ll try to resolve it for you.


Tour Program


Day 1 – Arrival in Manila, time to rest

  • Arrival in Manila Airport with your international flight*. 

  • Transfer to your hotel with shuttle service. Free time.

  • No meals and no activities included.

*if you prefer, the tour could start with arrival at Cebu International AIrport as well.

Day 2 – Camiguin: First Experiences Together in the Volcanic Filipino Paradise

  • Transfer to Manila airport and flight to Camiguin.

  • Autonomous lunch on the way (not included).

  • Afternoon chilling in the romantic and relaxing scenery of Camiguin'shot spring thermae.

  • Exclusive romantic dinner for 2 (included).


Day 3 – Mantigue Island & White Island: Wonderful White-Sand Islands

  • In the morning, transfer to the beautiful Mantigue Island, where you will spend your day relaxing, swimming and snorkeling in one of the best spots of the region. Lunch not included (available and purchasable on the spot).

  • In the afternoon, it will be time to move to the spectacular sandbar of the White Island, a paradise for your eyes where you will stroll waiting for the sunset.


Day 4  – Another Side of the Island: Trekking on Hibok-Hibok Volcano

  • This day is dedicate to the hike and trek on the picturesque Hibok-Hibok volcano, experiencing a unique tropical scenario, admiring the island from the top.

  • Transfers with tricycles or rented motorbikes might be needed in order to reach the trekking jump-off point. Included packed lunch.

  • The trekking can be organized on different levels of effort and duration. You can coordinate directly with the local guide depending on your energies and trekking experience.

  • Back to the hotel in the afternoon. Time to relax and have dinner (not included).


Day 5 – A Snorkeling Day, Around Sanctuaries and Cemeteries

  • In the morning, visit of the spectacular Katibawasan Falls, ready to be admired in a green tropical frame.

  • Follows transfer to the Giant Clam Sanctuary, where you will have a special snorkeling observing these colorful and fascinating marine creatures.

  • Time to go to another surprising snorkeling site: the Sunken Cemetery. In an original spot made of a volcano covered by lava and then by sea waters, where you will admire beautiful corals and tropical fishes.

  • Lunch (not included) during the transfers.

  • Back to the hotel in late afternoon/evening. Autonomous dinner (not included).

Day 6 – Cebu City: The "Queen of the South"

  • Morning flight to Cebu and check-in at beach resort located on Mactan Island (the island is part of Cebu and connected to the rest of the city with a bridge).

  • Free tiime to chill and relax. Alternatively, you could visit Cebu City's most important cultural attractions (by yourself or including a guided city tour).

  • Free night, dinner not included (don't miss the chance to taste the famous local roasted pig, the Lechon Cebu).


Day 7 – From Cebu to Puerto Princesa, the Capital of Palawan. The Firefly Experience.

  • Transfer to Cebu airport and flight to Puerto Princesa (autonomous lunch, not included)

  • Free afternoon to autonomously look around and discover the provincial city of Puerto Princesa.

  • Included early dinner. A romantic activity of Firefly Watching surrounded by nature will follow.


Day 8 – Underground River: a trip into the heart of nature

  • Day trip to the Underground River, a UNESCO site (biggest underground river in the world), and its park. Lunch is included

  • Evening: return to the hotel and dinner with local food (included)


Day 9 – From Puerto Princesa to El Nido, to explore the incredible sea of Palawan

  • After breakfast, travel to El Nido with van. Expected arrival in El Nido by early afternoon

  • Lunch in one of the rest stops (not included)

  • Accommodation in cottages or local bed and breakfast

  • Free afternoon: enjoy of El Nido and its beach

  • Night: autonomous dinner (not included) for the guests choosing one of the many restaurants in El Nido


Day 10 – First Day Tour in El Nido: the most iconic attractions of Bacuit Bay

  • Tour by boat discovering the beauties around the spectacular bay of El Nido, with included barbecue lunch in one of the island stops (visit of Big Lagoon, Miniloc Island, Simisu Island, 7 Commandos Beach and other destinations).

  • Arrival at the town of El Nido will be by late afternoon.

  • Free evening. Dinner not included.

Day 11 – The secrets of El Nido: island hopping around the most hidden beautiful spots

  • Second tour discovering more beauties around El Nido, with included barbecue lunch (visit of Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Helicopter Island and other destinations).

  • Arrival at the town of El Nido will be at late afternoon.

  • Free evening. Dinner not included.


Day 12 – El Nido to Coron: discovering new majestic sceneries

  • Transfer to El Nido airport. Flight El Nido-Coron.

  • Arrival in Coron and tranfer to the hotel.

  • In the afternoon, you'll first walk the 700 steps necessary to reach the top of the small Mount Tapyas. From there, you will have a breathtaking view of the bay you'll explore on the next days. Then, it will be time for a relaxing and rejuvenating dip in the outdoor spring thermae (open-air, natural hot volcanic water pools known for health benefits)

  • Back to the hotel in the evening. Free time. Dinner not included.

Day 13 – Island-Hopping and Snorkeling in Coron's most famous spots

  • Day tour in the Coron loop of islands, relaxing on small islands and their beaches and discovering the majestic lakes and lagoons of the area. You will explore the famous Twin Lagoons, the coral gardens of Siete Pecados and the Kayangan Lake among others (with barbecue lunch, included)

  • Back to the hotel, free evening. Dinner not included.


Day 14 – A trip to paradise: the beautiful islets of Coron Bay

  • Second day tour in Coron, with new destinations to go swimming and snorkeling in the coral reef, relax on small islands and their beaches (with barbecue lunch, included). You will visit Malcapuya Island and Banana Island.

  • Back to the hotel, free time. Dinner not included.


Day 15 – From Coron to Manila, Visit of Intramuros (optional)

  • In the morning, take flight to Manila and transfer to the hotel. Lunch is autonomous and not included

  • In the afternoon, visit of Intramuros, the ancient Spanish colonial part of Manila. You will walk around the ancient walls and will visit San Augustin Church (UNESCO Heritage) and its museum, as well as Casa Manila (another museum of local traditions and domestic practices). Time for souvenir and local crafts shopping, if you like.

  • Dinner in Intramuros in a classic heritage restaurant, with live cultural performances


Day 16 – Bye bye

  • Transfer to Manila airport. It’s time to say bye-bye to the Philippines.​


Note: if you prefer, the visit of Banaue and Sagada could be put at the beginning of the tour.

Day 16 – Transfer to Banaue, Ifugao Province

  • Departure in the morning with a private vehicle and transfer towards the Ifugao province, passing by the countryside and rice fields of the Luzon region. Lunch on the way (not included).

  • Arrival in the evening, check-in at a local guesthouse. Dinner (not included).

Day 17 – The Majestic Banaue Rice Terraces: Batad and Bangaan Villages

  • With the help of a local guide, you will visit the local villages (UNESCO Heritage) of Batad and Bangaan, where we will be able to admire the famous rice terraces and enjoy a bit of the local life. Lunch on the way (not included).

  • Back to hotel in late afternoon, autonomous night and dinner (not included).


Day 18 – Visit of Banaue Town + Sleeping in a Typical Native "Kubo"

  • Visit of Banaue Town during the morning. You  will see the traditional village and the most beautiful viewpoints to contemplate the magnificent rice terraces between the mountains. You could also visit the local handcraft and woodcarving shops. Lunch on the way choosing among one of the local restaurants (not included).

  • In the afternoon, will transfer to a hotel made with typical Ifugao fale* accommodations , where we will have an overnight and dinner (not included).

* the fale is small but comfortable and don’t have a private bathroom.There will be common bathrooms and the cleanliness is guaranteed. The fale is a very limited offering, in case of no availability at the moment of the reservation we will have another overnight in a guesthouse in Banaue. If you prefer to sleep in the regular guesthouse, please tell us before your reservation.


Day 19 – Sagada:The  Mysterious Funeral Traditions of the "Hanging Coffins"

  • In the morning, after breakfast, transfer to Sagada via van. Check-in at local guesthouse and some free time for freshening up. Lunch (not included) in one of the local restaurants.

  • In the afternoon, time to walk around the Echo Valley, discovering the “hanging coffins”, the famous funeral tradition. You will also visit the "burial cave". You can also see some of the handcrafting centers of pottery and weaving.

  • In the evening, dinner (not included) in Sagada.


Day 20 – Travel Back to Manila

  • After breakfast, departure for Manila. Lunch (not included) during one of the stops on the way. At night, arrival in Manila, check-in in hotel and rest.

  • Dinner (not included) on the way or upon arrival, depending on your preferences.


Day 21 - Bye Bye!

  • Transfer to the airport and end of your unforgettable honeymoon tour with Tropical Experience Travel Services.



For inquiries, write an e-mail to

Available hotel options

Generally,  we propose the following hotel levels (consider that available levels may also change depending on the chosen destinations)

  • Basic Level: overnight in small guesthouse-type budget hotels, with no frills but providing the basic comforts and services (private room, private toilet and bath, hot/cold shower, air-conditioning , cleaning service, breakfast, Wi-Fi at least in common areas)

  • Comfort Level: pleasantly - selected medium-level establishments with good level of services and typical/local atmosphere and personality. Generally preferring good hotels of medium-small size.

  • Superior Level: medium-high budget hotels with great level of services, for travelers who want to be sure to have all the modern comforts and convenience but not necessarily luxurious.

Luxury level accommodation is also available for those who prefer it.


How to Modify or Extend this Trip

You may also want to explore another province famous of its nature: Bohol, with the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier, the sea of Panglao Island and the Loboc River. You may further explore Cebu and its surrounding islands or head to the world-famous island that never sleeps: Boracay.


Terms and Conditions

Before booking this tour, please read and understand the page “Terms and Conditions” on our website. The present itinerary should be considered as general and may still vary due to weather, other obstacles, booking availability or other not controllable variables.If one of the guests has allergies or other issues linked to food, please let us know in advance. Inform us too if there’s be any physical limitation or a particular health status worthy to take note of.

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