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Blog - 10 Romantic Spots in the Philippines: For Your Honeymoon or a Lovely Getaway

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(written on April 2020)

Did you consider the Philippines as a destination for your honeymoon? Or perhaps for an intimate trip with your special someone? Surely, tropical destinations always add a romantic touch to a trip. Yet, do you know what to expect from the Philippines as  a romantic destination?

First of all, you should know that Filipinos are already very romantic people. They love singing sweet and sentimental songs, they give a lot of importance and are very expressive in their relationships. They tend to create a lovable and warm atmosphere thanks to their kind and accommodating behaviors. Plus, they live in a 7000+ islands archipelago where extraordinary landscapes lavish them with very charming scenarios.

We can confidently say that we know more than a bit about the Philippines, thus we selected for you – in no particular order – some of those we think are the most representative destinations in terms of romanticism. We included some world-famous destinations and also some less-known places deserving more attention. Have a nice read!

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Boracay is probably the most famous island of the Philippines, especially thanks to its White Beach, a very long (4 km!) sand stretch in front of a crystal-clear sea. The ocean changes tones depending on weather, time of the day and seasons. Light blue, emerald, deep blue...and red like fire during wonderful sunsets! Sitting on White Beach observing the sun disappears down the horizon is a magnificent experience. You could also choose to marvel at it during a sunset sail: consider having a sailboat just for you both, holding hands with the sound of wind and waves in the background.

Boracay 2019


Differing from the previous one, Siquijor is still a niche destination, despite getting increasing fame year after year. The island is truly a kingdom of peace and serenity. The dominant sounds are those made by nature in all its forms. This island is mostly famous for the presence of sciamans and healers, some specialized on making love potions (it’s a good tip for those romantic readers that still don’t have their other half). You should also know that the island was baptized as “Isla del Fuego” by the Spanish colonizers, because of the widespread presence of fireflies and for its intense red sunsets. What’s more romantic than that?



In Ifugao Province, where you can visit the famous Banaue Rice Terraces, there are not only breathtaking mountainous landscapes. You can also find the very nice Ifugao houses, built with the typical Filipino “kubo” structure in their unique design and architecture. Their completely made with interlocked native wood pieces (no nails).

The pleasant smell of the wood creates a cozy environment. Yet the best way to experience the Ifugao house is to sleep in it: you’ll be surrounded by the relaxing sounds of nature and will have a very alternative overnight.

Sleep in a kubo


The Philippines is located in the so-called “ring of fire” of the Pacific Ocean, an area full of underground geological movement and subsequently…volcanoes! To be precise, there are 53 active volcanoes in the country. The small island of Camiguin has 7 of them - more than its towns, that are just 5 towns in Camiguin! This underground activity creates hot springs, a very relaxing treat for your body during a trip. What's more romantic than soaking in a hot, steaming spring surrounded by tropical forests? The natural outdoor “thermae” of Camiguin are fully immersed in nature: it’s a simple yet genuine and rejuvenating attraction, ideal to spend some relaxing time with the person you love!

hot springs Camiguin.JPG


Windmill don’t sound so romantic, do they? Well, before answering, you need to try those in Bangui, in the Ilocos Norte Province. The very wide and “empty” beach of Bangui is made of blackish sand and may not the beach postcard that you imagine, but is definitely made picturesque by the windmill park that was built on it. Instead, those big rotating structures positioned right in front of the sea, where the wind is very strong, are quite impressive. When the wind is strong, the wheels regularly rotate in an almost-hypnotic way. Especially in the evening, the atmosphere becomes very original. Not far from Bangui you can find the wonderful Saud Beach of Pagudpud: you could sit by the (white sand!) shores and admire the sun setting on the windmills. It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream, hey!

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Intramuros is the most culturally and historically interesting area of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Though there are still many work-in-progress restorations – most of Intramuros were destroyed by bombs during World War II - you can still feel the atmosphere of the past of the country. The peculiar Spanish-Filipino mixed heritage is shown by the oyster shell windowpanes, the walls surrounding the area and its gardens that often become busy by night with events and bazaars attended by locals. A special touch is given by the lantern lights, made of sea shells as well, scattered around Intramuros decorating gates and trees.  A stroll at Plaza San Luis and a visit of San Agustin Church (miraculously saved by the bombs) are almost compulsory to imaginarily jump to the Philippines of the past.



El Nido is widely famous because of its nature and spectacular sea. Boat tours around Bacuit Bay are basically one of the things to put on anyone’s bucket list. We are talking on a planetary level. At least once in your life, you should witness this beauty. Plus, the local sunsets are so special that it’s an understatement to call them “romantic”! Yup. We can’t stop talking about sunsets and how it captures romanticism! The “hiding” effect created by the huge rocks makes them further dramatic and the view can vary depending on where you are going to position yourself. My favourite view is from Calaan Beach, where the fading sun only partially shows its light behind the big rocks of Cadlao Island. For others, top sunsets are seen from the beach of Corong Corong (still within El Nido municipality). Another place for breathtaking sunsets is Lio Beach: here you can admire them while walking on the stilts of the small port.

El Nido sunset.jpg


This small jewel-city at the extreme North of the country is quite off-the-beaten-track. Though being one of the most preserved Spanish colonial towns of the whole of Asia, its vicinity with China and Taiwan clearly affected it, together with the peculiarities of the Filipino style. The town preserves an ancient and multicultural charm, thanks to the well-preserved mansions located all around. Calle Crisologo, a very fascinating road, is the center of the life of Vigan and is full of old houses, outdoor restaurants and antique shops. A ride on a horse-drawn carriage roaming around the cobbled streets with your significant other will take you traveling back in time.

Just to add some lovely touch, several historicians say that Vigan – that was occupied by Japanese troops at that time – was supposed to be bombed by the Americans during World War 2. Anyway, the intervention of a local friar – who told the Americans that Japanese soldiers already left the town – avoided this to happen. He did so upon request of Japanese official Fujiro Takahashi, who was married with a Filipina from Vigan and that committed himself to save the town from destruction. The city was saved and preserved thanks to a love story!



Coron Bay is famous for the stunning beauty of its marine landscapes. Like the above-mentioned El Nido, it’s located in Palawan Province, a fantastic archipelago made by 1000+ islands of the Philippines. Aside from island hopping, another beautiful to do is to walk to the top of the small Mount Tapyas, where you’ll find the best belvedere of the town. With one glance you can see the whole town, the bay and Coron Island, home of spectacular natural attractions like Twin Lagoons, Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake.

You can also turn your head towards the inland side of the viewpoint and discover a surprising and picturesque landscape made of hills without human traces. If you like to walk more, there are also small pathways to go around these hills and reach other viewpoints. Don’t forget to wear your comfortable footwear. Let’s also remember that to reach the top of Mount Tapyas you have to climb on exactly 700 steps. It’s definitely more enjoyable climbing with your partner. The view is worth it, especially if you’re with your special one!

Baia di Coron

Well, this was a quite arbitrary list of the 10 best romantic spots of The Philippines we could think of. The Philippines is a big country and it’s very possible that many other worthy places are not yet included in our list. If you like, write us your favourite romantic spot in the comments, and perhaps we could expand the list and come up with another 10 !

The Philippines is a wonderful country, so worthy to consider for a trip with person you love. For your honeymoon or just to spend some great time with your partner. And, do not forget to save this list for your future romantic escapade!

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